5 simple ways to protect your children online and in real life

I love that this advice lists the #1 way to protect your children is listed as open communication.

Communication allows for learning, thinking, exchange of ideas and building skills; and in the worse case scenarios if something is about to or has happened – to communicate the details and not close down.

The article goes on to talk about teachable moments which come in all shapes and sizes.

For me recently with two 14 year old’s who have devices and internet access, that came in the form of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. After watching it together and discussing a time gone by when nobody knew anyone else’s private life day to day to day and the pitfalls of not having privacy or a true self.

The article concludes by encouraging parents to ask:

Who would you talk to if you felt scared or worried?”. Have a discussion with your child and ask them questions in a ‘what if’ type scenario….you can “extend it” by changing the situation and the setting. Ask “what if you’re at school?” or “what if this happens on the bus?

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Play your part to keep children safe