Queensland Response to Disclosure

Detailed research based guidance on appropriate responses to disclosure across a range of scenarios.
Is this training for you?

This training is for people who engage with children in a community or professional role and would like to understand how to respond appropriately if a child discloses to them.

  • Family members, friends, neighbours;
  • Volunteers working with children, e.g. at schools, community groups, religious organisations, Sports Coaches and volunteers;
  • Anyone who would like to be empowered to protect children in their community through appropriate responses to Disclosure.

Delivery mode:

Online or face to face.


45 minutes

Course overview

Would you know how to respond if a child disclosed to you that they had been abused? As a professional or community member who engages with children you have a responsibility to support children who are experiencing abuse and neglect and trust you to disclose to you. The Response to Disclosure Training covers the skills you need to respond in a supportive way as well as your potential reporting responsibilities and strategies.

In this course, you’ll learn:
  • How to respond to a child if they disclose a situation where they feel unsafe
  • The threshold for reporting disclosures
  • The nature of disclosures
  • How to respect and protect the rights of children in your responses.
  • Communication with parents
  • Offering Comfort
  • The relevant legislation protecting children in Queensland
  • How to complete correct reporting procedures in the event of an incident
  • Follow up required after a disclosure

Participants who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion.

What’s included:

Our course is designed to keep participants engaged. It includes:

  • Presentations by our trained experts
  • Clear content and visuals
  • Interactive experiences
  • Specific Scenarios to work through
$30 (inc GST) for Individuals. Please contact us for multiple booking discount.

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