Dance Classes

Attending dance classes can help children become stronger and more confident. They learn to trust themselves, their teachers and fellow dancers.

Dance schools should offer safety for children and peace of mind for parents. Your commitment to child safety needs to be supported by practical strategies, effective leadership and a strong child-safe culture.

At CarersEd, we understand how a dance studio operates and the child-safety risks that can emerge. Our training provides tailored solutions that are practical to implement, helping your teaching team play a proactive role in keeping children safe.

How we help

Child-safe training
CarersEd helps teams become more aware of child safety. Our training supports studio owners, staff, teachers and parents in developing cohesive child-safety practices. In XXXX, we explain the minimum standards for child safety in your state, helping you understand the implications for your dance school. We work with your staff to help them:
Our training is tailored to suit the unique needs of a dance studio. We offer training online, in-house or a combination of both. We also offer XXXX as a refresher course for staff who have completed XXXX.

CaresEd offers personalised consulting services to help strengthen your organisation’s child-safety practices. Our consultants can help you:

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