Dance school owner and sister ‘failed to see red flags’

At CarersEd we believe in the power of many eyes being able to see and report their concerns.

It is not just your responsibility to look after the kids in your care whether you’re running a business, a children’s service or just an activity. It is everyone’s responsibility to see and report.

As reported:
“The co-founder of a Sydney dance school has told an inquiry she should have done more to prevent her brother, Grant Davies, from molesting children…Ms Davies has admitted she failed to see the “red flags” that indicated her brother was sexually abusing children…”I was a grown woman, and I was a teacher, and I was well educated”, and,”There’s so many things that I wish I’d done better and I know it was my responsibility to do better.”

After the fact and hindsight are too late.
Why not incorporate a ‘respond and report child at risk’ component into your adult behaviours information, or, training for start of year or season induction?

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