Event to shine spotlight on men’s mental health

As both a man and a separated dad who has been through their share of tough times, this article piqued my interest.

An excerpt in part reads:
Quite a large shift in societal attitudes is needed to address a broad range of issues affecting men…We have made fantastic progress over the past few decades in breaking down stereotypes about what role women should play in society, but there has been relatively little progress in addressing stereotypes about men.

Family law and child protection expert and UQ Law Dean Professor Patrick Parkinson and psychologist and men’s mental health specialist Dr Clive Williams will each speak about difficulties faced by many men and will then take part in a panel discussion.

Most men absorb early in life the message that to be a man means to be strong and self-reliant and not show weakness, …There is little space in society for talking about issues specifically relating to men. I see International Men’s Day as an attempt to try to address this. I think there’s sometimes a perception that talking about men’s issues necessarily implies a lack of sympathy for women’s issues, but this is not true.
“I think this discussion is very important for promoting gender equality.

He said he hoped those interested in family law or men’s mental health would participate.

Anything that encourages men to talk, share and open up with other men, and then transfer those skills with and to their sons, is a good thing.

The details of the gathering are here and copied below:

Brisbane International Men’s Day, Nov 19th 2018

Dealing with hard times: issues for men

Please join us for two short lectures followed by a panel discussion:

Professor Patrick Parkinson, Dean of Law at The University of Queensland
“Separated fathers and young children”

Dr Clive Williams, Psychologist
“Everyday challenges to men’s mental health”

Time: Monday Nov 19th, 4.00-5.30pm
Location: Room 222, Building 7, The University of Queensland, St Lucia

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