Important changes to NSW Legislation from 1st March 2020

Changes to NSW legislation on 1st March 2020 will impact all organisations working with children.

These changes will be reflected in the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 and the Children’s Guardian Bill 2019.

Rather than the responsibility for Reportable Conduct falling under the NSW Ombudsman, this will move to the Children’s Guardian, who also manage the Working with Children Check in NSW.

The definition of Mandatory reporters will be extended to include those who work for organisations that provide ‘religion-based activities’ to children and to specifically include registered psychologists.

Organisation will need to update their policies to incorporate new Mandatory Reporting Requirements, particularly Religious Based Organisations who will need to ensure their policies and procedures reflect the new requirements.

Procedures will also need to be updated to reflect new requirements in relation to Reportable Conduct allegations and investigations to incorporate the Children’s Guardian and in relation to contractors and sub-contractors.

All staff will require initial training and/or updates as to the new requirements.

We can provide consultancy for your organisation to support your policy and procedure update and will have training available soon for staff to revise and update in relation to the new legislation.

Please contact us through or call Helen on 0408 294043 for more information.

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